Top 3 Capstone Project Ideas

Idea 1 – Off the Deep End

Off the Deep End

In this game, the player is sinking deeper and deeper into the ocean after falling from a ship. There are blockages along the way, such as schools of fish or a tangle of seaweed that prevents the player from progressing. Overcome these blockages by completing the objective of each level. As the player moves deeper, things get stranger due to a lack of oxygen. The levels become weirder and more complex, and interesting things begin to happen…


Idea 2 – Sleep Talk

The player falls asleep and an extremely full party. Naturally, the party continues on around them, many jumbling, ongoing conversations having an influence on the sleeping player’s dream. As the player picks up on bits of dialogue, the platform of the dream that the player is navigating changes entirely. New pieces of dialogue are adapted to the dream on an interval of 5 minutes. If the player cannot complete the objective of one aspect of the dream before new dialogue is heard and the dream prepares to change, the character wakes up and the dream is over.


Idea 3 – Space is Our Enemy

Earth has been destroyed and the last colony on spacecraft 24601 is making its way toward the replacement planet. There’s a bit of trouble, however, as there is no experienced pilot on board. The amateur passengers must work together to dodge stars, asteroids, small planets, and a number of other obstacles to arrive safely to their new, welcoming home.

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